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Wash your hands!

FIRST OF ALL! THANK YOU! For all your votes! It really means SO much. You can vote every 24 hours!

Second, as a thank you I thought I would start making you some printables so you had something more exciting than just a VOTE button when you swung by my website. This “wash your hands” image will fit an 8x10 frame/mat, and you can also print out a coloring page! It’s already printed and hung in my bathroom! It’s what we’re ALL doing right now, washing our hands over and over.

More printables are on their way as well. I’ll have these “wash your hands” at a larger size in my store if you need them bigger! This will only be available on my website until June 10th. I have received questions as to whether or not I will make the billboard image a print, and the answer is YES! But I have delayed for a reason! If my entry makes it to the top 2 and is put on the Billboard I will send ALL my subscribers the print FOR FREE via email. That means teacher’s art? DONE! Kid room art? DONE! Thank you note? DONE! Just print it out!

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you all and taking the time out to push that vote button.

All my love, Mollie

Download PDF • 1.66MB

Download PDF • 5.03MB

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