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Our Journey Together

Hi friends! If you could take a moment and vote, I’m a finalist for the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum billboard competition. Click here to vote for my entry titled "Our Journey Together".

For this billboard, I wanted to make an illustration that depicted the unique and beautiful path each of our children is on. And while their paths may be distinct, they are still connected; they are on this journey together. These kids are our future. Each of them has their interests, passions, and unique abilities —all of which should be celebrated and supported by everything we have to give.

What I also wanted to depict was how, as parents, teachers, and caregivers, we see their mountains, we see their obstacles. We also get to be there to make sure they can conquer them, and have all the support they need to continue on their path.

I wanted this illustration to look like a coloring page, and I encourage you to print it out! Color it, paint it, give it to your kids, give it to your neighbors, send it to your niece, and let their imagination come alive using every color under the rainbow.

We celebrate living boldly, in color, together, on any whatever path we chose.

Our Journey Together Download
Download • 8.88MB

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