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You Are Worthy

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This last year I have had the pleasure of being on the Art’s of Healing Foundation board through Sharp HealthCare. It is a beautiful place to be, merging thoughts and ideas on how to reach folks in their worst hour through the gift of art, it’s a position I do not take for granted. With music and art, we are able to run entirely off of donations and volunteers to reach patients in need while they are at the hospital, and even after they leave.

I really wanted to start creating printables for this cause. After people walk out of the hospital, whether it is for cancer treatment or mental health, everyone needs support. The visuals we put around our home and where we spend our time will have a profound impact on us. The more good and positive we can surround ourselves with, the more we will start believing it and living it.

This is where I found the idea for this lady. She is deserving of self care, she worthy of good, she strong, she is respected, SHE IS WORTHY. I will have to make more with varying skin tones, but here’s a start!

Thank you for following along, taking the time to print art and send me sweet notes. My heart is full. This print will be available for free until June 10th.

Check out Sharp to see what’s happening!

With love, Mollie

Download the printable here.

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