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Watercolor Lettering!!!

Here we go!!

On Monday, May 11th we are going live on Instagram at 1 pm PST!

This is a MINI lettering workshop. About 30 minutes. We will practice a few letters, and then dive RIGHT into creating them, and how to make the letters RAINBOW.

The four files you need are available below. The A-Z letter printables are good guides to use to start seeing where the thick and thin lines are (to put it briefly!). We will go over this generally, but not at length, these printable are for your own practice and your own reference.

The Rainbow print-out is what we will be creating! Print this sheet out on regular copy paper, and have is ready to transfer to your watercolor paper. We will go over exactly how to do this, just have it printed and ready next to your watercolor paper.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: -A-Z lettering worksheets -Rainbow printout -SMALL round brush. Preferred is an AQUA BRUSH small, but use what you have. -Watercolor paint (any will do! Even watered down acrylic will do in a pinch) -Watercolor paper (Card stock, or any thick paper is fine) -Pencil

Lettering worksheet downloads:

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