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MOTHER'S DAY is right around the corner...

Do you need a card? Maybe you’d like to send flowers? How about both!

We will be making people holding bouquets in honor of Mother’s Day. Send your finished painting to your mama, hang it in your room, those details are up to you!

Wednesday May 6th, #makeitwithmarigold will be live on instagram, @molliemarigold to walk you through the process of making these sweet people holding flowers.

Attached are three outline people options, but your imagination is the limit! Feel free to come up with you own drawing of a person, or print out one of these options.

We will be discussing how to utilize and transfer a drawing, or print out in our painting/coloring.

What you will need! (or the closest you have)

-Watercolor -Watercolor paper -Water cup with water -Pencil -Medium to small paint brush -Print out of person, or your drawing of a person on computer printer paper

If you do not have any of those options, grab the closest you have to it. Paper and markers or crayons will do in a pinch, too!

We will be talking about how I compose a painting, and the concept of intuitive painting. Intuitive painting is painting without a strong plan or outline of the painting/drawing, just where your feelings take you.

More than anything, come with the idea that is is FUN. Do it for the process not for the product. Do it for the fun of swirling around a paintbrush, and not for the end result.

See you Wednesday on IG, friends!

PDF files to download:

Girl in Cleats
Download • 418KB

Boy in Sneakers
Download • 404KB

Girl in Keds
Download • 581KB

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