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Hold on

Hold on. Those two words seemed to appropriately capture the time we are living in right now. With all of us constrained to our homes, we are holding on, we are pausing; our lives feel like they are on hold.

More than anything, though, 'hold on' symbolizes to me what we are literally holding on to and trying to focus on. We are trying to find the beauty within our four walls, and holding on to the fact we have a safe place to shelter. We are trying to create good memories with our children, we are holding on to what is the most important, and trying to capture the beauty in the simplicity of our lives. We are watching sickness and pain all around us, and trying to hold on and appreciate our health, and the loved ones we have.

So hold on, it has inspired me to paint, and try to hold on to the beauty of that expression.

Check out my new collection inspired by the idea of holding on.

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